BBQ Beef Brisket Competition at Texoma Harley-Davidson

BBQ Beef Brisket Competition

May 3rd & 4th 

5 -6 PM  Registration on the 3rd "Overnight"

Judging at noonish on the 4th


$750 1st and APEX Kooler
$500 for 2nd
$250 for 3rd
(Hard Cash)

BBQ Brisket Competition Registration

Texoma Harley-Davidson BBQ Competition Rules

1.)  All meats that are entered into judging will be cooked from scratch within the constraints of the event. Pre-cooking, pre-marinating, etc. will not be allowed either on or off the cook site before the start of the cook-off as defined by Texoma HD. Meat may not be seasoned or marinated before 5:00 p.m. on the day before a cook-off.

2.)  All cooks are to prepare and cook in a sanitary manner as possible. Cooking conditions are subject to inspection by the judging committee at any given time.

3.)  Texoma HD does not permit multiple entries on one BBQ Pit. Only one team per BBQ Pit. Clarification on BBQ Pits:  Pit – Any commercial or homemade trailered or un-trailered pit or smoker. May include gas or electricity to start natural fiber substances, wood, or wood products. Electrical accessories such as spits, augers, or force drafts are permitted. This includes pellet cookers. The use of propane or electric heat sources is still prohibited. The use of heat lamps or any other electrical heating or HOLDING device is prohibited. 

4.) Texoma HD further recognizes that no ground pits will be used and that all burn-down barrels will have some sort of safety barrier placed across the top or around the barrel. 

5.)  One showpiece for each category plus 10 bite-size pieces. Rib samples must have a bone in them and can be any length as long as the lid is closed. Each rib is a showpiece and will only turn in 10 NOT 11. Brisket slices shall be cut once or in half into bite-size pieces. There shall be no more than 10 bite-size pieces in your turn-in box.

6.)  Texoma HD recommends the use of a Styrofoam tray with a hinged lid and without dividers or the best readily available judging container that is approximately 9 inches square on the bottom half.  All judging containers shall be clean and free of obvious marks. Marked containers may be disqualified at the Head Judges’ discretion. Cooks are responsible for ensuring the containers they receive are clean and undamaged. Cooks are also required to sign the duplicate ticket on your turn-in box. No prize will be awarded if the matching duplicate ticket is not signed.

7.)  Texoma HD requires the head judge to pre-set firm turn-in times for each category to be judged. Once this time is set and announced to the contestants, no change or variation will be made. Texoma HD does allow for a turn-in time window that will be 5 minutes before and 5 minutes after the turn-in time. Judging trays received after this window time will be accepted but not judged. Brisket is always the last category judged.

8.)  Texoma HD prohibits the use of participating cooks and/or assistants as tasting judges in all phases. They may, however, be used as table monitors.

9.)  Directly after the completion of the judging or no longer than 35 minutes, Texoma HD will announce the top three winners starting with third place.  Prizes will be given at this time. 



Any cooking team found to violate the above-stated rules is subject to being disqualified from the current cooking event and or season. Any  infractions will be brought to the attention of Texoma HD and they will review the allegations and determine the consequence of the alleged action. Teams and  or individual team members may be prohibited from competing in Texoma HD cook-offs for some time not to exceed 5 years. 



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